For over 100 years, our building has stood the test of time. Located across from the Wood County Courthouse, it has witnessed much history and many changes to the way life is lived.

The original building burned in February 1922. Before that, it housed a general store, saloon/brothel and a bank. Once rebuilt in the early twenties, it was a dry goods store on the bottom floor and tucked away on the second floor was a hotel and a speakeasy. It then became a funeral home in the late 1940’s. After that, it was Allen’s Café and McDade’s Department Store. We are now adding to the history by opening Speakeasy Coffeehouse. Each layer exposed during our remodel brings us back to the original beauty and simplicity of this precious building.

Speakeasy Coffeehouse is a place to rest and rejuvenate the body and spirit of our guests. We are a welcoming, comforting presence in the community we serve, offering the best coffee and specialty drinks in the area. We continue to create an environment for creativity and community while doing our part to be a driving energy that is needed to rebuild the downtown community we love.

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